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Antonio Mulas was born in Sassari on September 22, 1993.

Six years later, an old Kodak camera enters on tiptoe among his toys, binding forever to him as the first memory and trigger of his passion for photography.

Adolescence runs away quickly and, has he turned eighteen, a Nikon DSLR was given to him by his parents rekindling the spark of that latent but never forgotten vocation. Self-study is the first true teacher of the sardinian photographer, who is animated by an immense creative force and a huge desire to discover.

Has he turned twenty years old he decided to spend six months in Valencia, Spain. It is there that between one picture and the other was literally strucked by the homeless' lifestyle, so quiet for those who let themselves be distracted by today conformism but hitting with devastating impact those who have the courage to look.

From this stream of consciousness sincere, sharp images were born to accompany the spectator by the hand towards self-criticism and discovery.

Back in his hometown he approached professional photographer and photography teacher Marco Sanna and, during a chat with him due to organize a training course, shows the shots "stolen" in Spain. His talent did not go unnoticed.

With the cooperation and support of Sanna and its association Mastros De Lughe, Antonio care his first exhibition, titled Senza Fissa Dimora.

He won his first photo contest in his own hometown (titled Uno Scatto Per Dare Voce) before taking part to various meetings such as The Naked Life, on the issue of human rights. 

You are invited to appreciate what came after in this website's galleries. 


Senza Fissa Dimora (Homeless) is the title of the photographic project that I've created and developed during the six months I spent in Valencia, Spain.

The project takes its name from the words homeless, hobo, roofless and all those more or less derogatory terms commonly used to describe people without a place to sleep, eat or just where to find shelter.

There are several factors that lead to the situation of "homeless": some materialistic, others ideological or derived from personal lifestyle choices.

My interest in this subject was born son of the surreal indifference of people walking fast and blindfolded on sidewalks, that does not seem to see who made a bed out of that piece of cement, who holds help signs written on cardboard pieces, who transforms his disability in a small attraction to scrape together a few coins or who shows off a puppy in an attempt to awaken the sensibility of the ones who follow the frantic pace of the "modern" world.
However the thing that strucked me most was the status of invisibility that these people see themselves buckled by a society that runs too fast to consider them a "part of the everything".

And yet they exist: those sprawled on the pavement rolling their sheets made from crumpled newspapers lying on beds of cardboard, inside the tents or hidden inside an abandoned vehicle.

You may end up on the street in a moment, but a lifetime may not be enough to get away from it.




The Girovagando Festival is a symbol of multiculturalism and gender equality which is held every year in the sardinian town of Sassari. 2015 marks the eighteenth edition of this festival, which sees a group of elite street artists from all around the world (Theatre En Vol, Antagontheatreaktion, Dudu and CIA to name a few) working together supported by the common goal of dealing with all forms of discrimination using a strong but pacific language and showing to the people all the benefits of a multi ethnic and free of barriers society.


The Sardinia Reggae Festival is an internationally relevant event that takes place in the north of Sardinia Island, in Italy.
Here, for one week per year, reggae music lovers form a small multicultural society, crowding the streets of small towns which in turn, year after year, are home to this wonderful reality.
To the beat of Caribbean music and under the sweet summer sun that reigns over the island, Sardinia Reggae Festival achieves in 2015 its eighth edition, which has its headquarters in the village of Cargeghe.
Project born from the minds of the Sardinian Reggae Cultural Association, the purpose of the festival is to make good use of music as an art form due to generate unity and cultural exchanges between the people of Sardinia and the rest of the world, hosting some of the most important international artists.
At the same time, it serves as a springboard for local artists who embrace the style and tradition of Jamaican music by making sure that the history, traditions and culture of their land is valued and transmitted to the global audience.

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On the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of July 2016 a group of professional actors and theater artists from the prestigious East 15 Acting School organized, in Porto Torres, the second edition of the Rooted Moon International Theatre and Arts Festival.
After the positive experience of 2015's edition (hosted at the "Chico Mendez" park on the beach of Balai), this year the event finds its home in the archaeological area of Porto Torres, an extremely exciting area from an artistic point of view and for its considerable visual impact. Numerous stagings of theater companies and artists of various backgrounds took turns on the stage, highlighting one of the most prestigious locations in the city.
The Festival has as its centerpiece the international and intercultural theater and the viewer has the opportunity to learn about new forms of art , both local and international, as the event aims to show how theater can be a link between different cultures revealing himself as a universal language able to educate, inform and entertain.

Organizers: Amelia Blackwell, Char Brockes, Charlotte Gibson, Izabel Florence, John Chandler and Salvatore Scarpa 


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